Iranian Researchers Model, Design Optical Switches

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Iranian researchers modeled and designed optical switches to replace electronic switches


TEHRAN (INIC)- Iranian researchers modeled and designed optical switches to take the place of electronic switches.

The application of optical switches increases the rate of data storage but decreases the costs. Quantum dots have been used in designing of the switches.

The aim of the research was to design a full optical switch based on quantum dots as a replacement for an electronic switch. In fact, a new structure has been presented for the designing of an optical switch by using quantum dots system (indium gallium nitride) and by using strong laser fields. The efficiency of the designed switch is higher than that of electronic switches, and it is controlled only by the intensity of laser fields.

The result is considered as an important step towards designing ultrafast optical switch with higher efficiency. The replacement of electronic switches with optical ones decreases the costs comparing to the present electronic generation due to the simplicity in production and design.

Production of optical fast computers, data storage and quick data processing are among the most important applications of full optical switch systems based on quantum dots. Production of optical fibers for fast connections, including urban networks and even intercontinental communications through under the sea cables are considered the most common application of nanotechnology in the field of communications.

In this research, optical behavior of asymmetric quantum dot was investigated.

Results of the research have been published in Applied Optics, vol. 54, issue 10, 2015, pp. 2606-2614.

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