Multi Wall Carbon Nanotubes









 Ultracapacitor electrodes
 Anode materials for lithium-ion batteries
 Conductive additive for battery electrodes
 Electrically conductive inks
 Thermally conductive films and coatings
 Additive for lightweight composites
 Films or coatings for EMI shielding
 Substrate for chemical and biochemical sensors
 Barrier material for packaging
 Additive for super-strong concrete
 Additive for metal-matrix composites

Size ~ 2Mm
Thickness : 1
Purity : 5-20micron
Purity: >95wt%
Amorphous carbon: <0.01%
Ash: ~ 0wt%
Special surface area: Can be 300 or 500 or 750 m2/g
Thermal conductivity: ~ 4000 W/m·k
IG/ID: Accordance the chart)


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