Functionalized - DWNTs





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The DWNTs for sale in 2007 on, The main testing methods
still are Raman and electron microscope - TEM and SEM
The quality of electron microscope pics will relate to the testing sample

Stock number: ARQD001(-OH);  ARSD001(-COOH)
OD: 1.3-3nm
-OH content: 1~5wt%
-COOH content: 1~4wt%
Purity of DWNTs: >60wt%
Purity of CNTs: >80wt%

Length: 2-10micron
Amorphous carbon: < 4%
Ash: <3wt%
Special surface area: >500 m2/g
Thermal conductivity: ~ 4000W/m·k
IG/ID: > 9 (Raman data) )


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