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Copper Nanoparticles



Copper (Cu) Nanoparticles Applications

Cu Nanoparticles used in conductive coatings; conductive inks; Conductive slurry: The copper nanopowder can be applied to the production of MLCC internal electrode and other electronic components in electronic slurry for the miniaturization of microelectronic devices; The electronic size with good performance made of copper nanopowder instead of valuable metal particles cuts cost to a large extent; This technology is used to the preference of microelectronic processes; Conductive pastes; Cu Nanoparticles are high thermal conductivity materials

Ideal Lubricant additives: Adding 0.1~0.6% of copper nanopowder to lubricant oil and lubricant grease. It will form a self-lubricating and self-repairing coating film in the frictioning surface and lower its anti-friction and anti-wear performance; Cu Nanoparticles Lubricants additives; Cu Nanoparticles Sintering additives

 Medicine append material; Capacitor materials

Raw material for bulk nanomaterial: Adopt the inert gas to make bulk copper nano composite material with powder metallurgy

5.Cu Nanoparticles is widelly used as Catalysts; Efficacious catalyst: Copper and copper alloy nanometer, feature high efficacy and selectivity, can be used as catalyst in some reactions, e.g. carbon dioxide compound hydrogen to produce methanol

The superficial conductive coating processing of metal and non-ferrous metal


Copper Nanoparticles Features
Copper has good conductive properties. After being processed into the nanoparticles, copper nanoparticles no longer have conductive properties, but with other superior performance, such as antibacterial, deodorant, catalysis, lubrication 







Making Method

Nano Copper 99.9%+ ≤50nm >20m2/g Dark Red spherical Physical Method
Nano Copper 99.9%+ ≤100nm >16m2/g Dark Red spherical Physical Method
Copper Micropowder 99.9%+ 180nm >1.5m2/g Dark Red spherical Physical Method

Copper Micropowder






Physical Method

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