Nanotechnology Development of Aras Co (NANOFA) established at Aras free zone at 2014, in goal of to achieve  applied nano science and to speed up converting of science to technology with attention to capabilities of Iranian scientists and using of Aras free zone high and perfect view to nanotechnology.

Our effort at this company is to covering sciences developed in country and to improve generated sciences into technologies that can be help to enhancing of people's life.

According to importance of nano materials and instruments in development of advanced sciences and fast improving of technological ideas to high quality general use products, Upon to experiences of its members on carbon nano materials and top and special applications of this materials, NANOFA firstly focused on developing of mass production of carbon nano materials and the other nano materials e.g. metal oxides and pure metal nano particles and etc.

NANOFA is also trying to develop devices for production, detection and characterization of materials and more special, nano structured materials to able to offer products and solutions in base of nano science and technology. 

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